President Joko Widodo’s Remarks on 2022 State Budget (RAPBN) Bill Discussion

On August 14, in a speech to open the 2022 State Budget Bill discussion, President Widodo stated that the country had targeted the state revenue in 2022 State Budget Arrangement (RAPBN) at IDR 1,840.7 trillion (~US$ 127.14 billion), higher than this year’s target at IDR 1,743.6 trillion (~US$ 120.43 billion). The target consists of Tax Revenue IDR 1,506.9 trillion (~US$ 104.08 billion), Non-Tax Revenue IDR 333.2 trillion (~US$ 23.01 billion).

The government would continue with the tax reform, including improving tax governance and administration to improve the tax ratio, and would give various tax incentives aimed to accelerate economic recovery, improve investment competitiveness, and encourage economic transformation. Until the first Semester of 2021, the Ministry of Finance had recorded the state revenue at IDR 886.9 trillion (~US$ 61.26 billion) or 50.9 percent of the targeted amounts.


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